August 3, 2012

When Urgency Matters!

Basic Economics

The changing economic climate often requires resource rebalancing. Yet, in-demand internal resources are easily stretched thin while other resources contribute less.

Economics drive most successful organizations and during cost-cutting few leaders are willing to press the accelerator to improve demand for their services, believing cost-cutting is enough.

Is there a better way?

That depends on your bias for properly using outside resources to accelerate results. It’s true that internal staff resent outsiders. It’s also true that most leaders are blind to weaknesses perpetrated by their own staff and blind to their organizational coefficient of drag that kills any internal acceleration attempts.

Results Matter…Urgency Matters

Internal staff often point to a litany of reasons why action and results will be an uncertain future event. Outsiders identify the problem to be solved and break down the barriers to get them solved. They have no political bias to protect a compensation plan, a tool set, or an organizational structure.

How many times have you heard that if only you re-organized, if only you invested in a different technology, if only you changed the compensation structure that results will follow? Sure, these things have impact given time and consistency, but urgency also matters.

Time kills all deals and most organizations lack the urgency to address a threat to their economics. Waiting for consensus after market share has been lost, revenues have declined, and staff is demoralized is a proven tool of mediocrity.

Next Steps

If it’s important to accelerate agility and improve your economics, then consider using an outsider. Enjoy the impact a true accelerator will deliver. Answer these two questions and I’d be happy to price an engagement for your success. You can find my contact information on the right.

  1. What problems are you trying to solve that require urgency?
  2. What time-frame and key milestones are important to these issues?