Does Your Smartphone Make You Look Dumb?

dumb180x100Is your constant lack of eye contact sabotaging your career and relationships?  While most readers will nod in agreement that undivided attention is a rare courtesy afforded to their peers, staff, and friends, they’ll nod while reading an e-mail or returning a text on their mobile phone.

For most, it’s unlikely they’ll change this behavior even if Smartphone were renamed to Rudephone – because it truly makes you appear rude instead of smart. Openly declare your rudeness and unprofessional behavior by checking your e-mail and returning texts during meetings, lunch, or even hallway conversations.

Perception is a powerful force.

Unmanaged perceptions will blindside you about how your leaders, peers, staff, and friends judge you. And they do judge you — especially when you can’t be bothered to maintain eye contact during a one-on-one conversation.

Don’t believe you are the exception and have masked how dependent you are on your mobile device. It doesn’t matter what you believe your image is anyway. It only matters that others are annoyed with your behavior — their perception of you trumps yours and translates directly to missed opportunities in business, networking, and friendship.

Is it really that difficult to actively listen and to actively participate without interaction with your mobile device?

It’s probably the easiest thing you could master that would have a disproportional positive effect on your life. Why? Simply because you will stand out as professional, courteous, and engaged in a world filled with interrupt-driven device junkies.

What annoys you the most about smartphone habits during attention-requiring interactions?

1 thought on “Does Your Smartphone Make You Look Dumb?

  • Does my smartphone make me look dumb? I agree to disagree.
    If I am utilizing mind dulling apps to excuse my self from my surroundings then absolutely I would come across as dumb to others in my environment. There is no argument there and sadly many people in our younger generations are doing this routinely.
    The real statement here should be, Does using a smartphone irrationally and in efficiently make me look dumb?
    I argue yes it does.
    What if I were out to lunch utilizing a tip calculator to properly tip a waiter so I don’t under tip and come off as a stingy business man?
    Or if I were on my phone recording a meeting and making notes of important points to look into at a later date? Not very many people can remember everything that goes on during lengthy yet important business meetings so why is it so bad to record them and listen at a later date? Sure I would be multitasking and missing parts of the meeting but reviewing these meetings later would open our minds to points of information we could have easily missed. Repition is the key to learning is it not?
    Efficient smartphone users know how to make their device work for them to enhance their relationships and surroundings. What if I could make a check list while talking with an individual to make sure all of their needs and wants are taken care of? Isn’t forgetting a vital need more detrimental to a business relationship?
    The question is what are you doing on your phone that makes you look dumb, and what are you not doing that would make you look smart? Have control over technology and make it work for you don’t let it drown you away from real life and into the digital world.

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