Shot Clock Violations Kill Urgency

Are you frustrated with cumbersome decision-making? In the game of professional basketball, a turnover results when a team fails to take a shot within the 24 seconds allowed. This built-in urgency is often missing from today’s leaders who fail to see the consequences of their unwieldy and elongated decision-making.

A leader, like a coach, needs to articulate the strategy and make critical decisions in a timely manner. They must leave time on the shot clock for their team to execute. Do you expect to make any progress if you consistently run your decision-making shot clock to zero?

How many turnovers are you committing due to your own inaction?

  • You over-rely on consensus instead of identifying the true decision-makers or even exerting your own authority
  • You fail to understand when the possession arrow points to you and others are stalled awaiting something you promised
  • You are blocked by the indecision above you, failing to articulate your needs and their urgency
  • You passively let crisis dictate priorities instead of systematically driving improvements

Own the statistic and leave some time on the clock for your team.

Do you have an example of decision-making shot clock violations?

Please post your story below.

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