Blind to Your Limitations?

Consider that for all of your hard work, you have blind spots in your self-awareness. Blind spots that are readily seen and exploited by others.

Most leaders pride themselves on reacting to a crisis but seem less prepared to prevent it. Part of this cycle is that organizations reward the fire fighter problem solver. It’s a comfortable cycle that results in fewer leaders with the skills to anticipate and prevent the fire in the first place.

One of those prevention skills is the self discipline to actively versus passively manage your time.

Are you letting the fire of the day dictate your attention?

Do you believe simply calendaring everything is an advanced time management technique?

As a leader, are you getting any better at your own time management? Probably not if you’ve made no personal investment in learning about techniques that can help.

How does this deficiency hurt you as a leader? You’d be surprised to learn of the negative impressions you create as a result of poor time management skills. Unreliable, rushed, dis-organized,  to name a few.

Resolve to dramatically  improve your time management. And give yourself a deadline or continue to suffer the hidden (from you) consequences of this blind spot.

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